Deluxe Router Table


Two Router Positions offer added safety and flexibility to your woodworking:

  • With the router in the vertical position, this table works like other router tables.
  • Unlike other router tables, this table allows you to position your router horizontally for an easy and safe way to cut accurate raised panels, lap joints, and mortise and tenon joints.
The work surface is 24 inches wide, 36 inches long, which is large enough to provide adequate support for most work. It is designed so that additional fences or stops can easily be attached.
  • Dimensions: 36 in. L, 26 W, 36 3/8 in. H *
  • Plan Number: 71007
  • Plan Price: $14.95

* Table top height

Now Available: Might-T-Track Hardware

Hardware components for the router table includes all the track and adjustment knobs. We selected the track by Might-T-Track for the fence and horizontal mounting. It is a heavy duty track that provides easy and accurate adjustments for the router and fence.

  • Item Number: 71007-MT
  • Price: $59.50

Hardwood Lumber Package

Homestead Hardwoods lumber package for the router table contains the 3/4 and 8/4 red oak necessary for the frame, fence, and legs. All lumber is pre-cut slightly over length, surfaced all four sides(SF4), with pieces referenced to the plans cutting list.

Price shown includes shipping in the continental U.S.

Red Oak Lumber Package for delivery East of Mississippi River
  • Item Number: 71007-RE
  • Price: $79.00
Red Oak Lumber Package for delivery West of Mississippi River
  • Item Number: 71007-RW
  • Price: $89.00

Two ways to save on storage for your shop

Purchase the Roll-Around Lumber Storage and Scrap Lumber storage for $19.95 and get FREE shipping


Receive Scrap Lumber storage plan Free with the purchase of the Roll-Around Lumber Storage & Thin Lumber Storage / Work Center at regular price

Roll-Around Lumber Storage Rack

[roll around lumber storage rack]
With the high cost of lumber products today, it pays to store them properly to prevent warping or damage. This rack is designed to meet that requirement and be moveable.

One side of the rack holds lumber the recommended way, flat, while allowing air to circulate to keep lumber dry and minimize warping. Because the lumber storage side is adjustable, you can store lumber by project, type, size, whichever way suits your needs. The other side will hold several full sheets of plywood which can be loaded and unloaded easily. Unique support arms provide an easy way of gaining access to all stored sheets and scrap pieces.

  • Dimensions: 73 in. L, 25 1/2 in. W, 80 in. H
  • Plan Number: 72002
  • Plan Price: $13.95

Scrap Lumber Storage

[scrap storage]
Store your cut-off scraps in a way that allows you to see what you have - without having to dig through a pile. Designed to store materials too short for our Roll-Around Lumber Storage Rack.
  • Dimensions:
  • Plan Number: 72001
  • Plan Price: $10.95

Thin Lumber Storage / Work Center

[work center]

Provide storage for your scroll saw materials, tools and accessories in one convenient location. Designed to be easily modified to accommodate all skill levels of scroll saw users with expandable tool and lumber storage. Greatly reduce damage to expensive scroll saw lumber and plywood with proper storage.
  • Dimensions: 27 in L, 32 in. W, 75 in. H
  • Plan Number: 72004
  • Plan Price: $12.95

General Purpose Workbench

[General Purpose Workbench]
Designed for the do-it-yourself-er who works on a little bit of everything. This heavy-duty bench has a top that can be replaced easily if damaged. Its large pull-out shelves, mounted on steel drawer slides, hold a variety of tools. Each shelf has a unique storage area in front for smaller items. The workbench doors slide completely out of the way for easy access to stored tools. We include instructions on how to adjust the dimensions to make it the right height for you.
  • Dimensions: 96 in. L, 30 in. W, 37 in. H
  • Plan Number: 71003
  • Plan Price: $14.95

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